Naskiska to Panorama

I have been more than delinquent with my updates lately. I have been meaning to post something for over a week now, but the last two weeks have seemed like a hurricane. I guess that is what happens when I have 11 races in as many days. My world feels even more upside down right [...]

Twas the Week Before Christmas

Twas the Week Before Christmas Twas the week before Christmas, when all across the mountain, snowguns were blasting as if they were fountains. The groomers pushed out the piles with care, In hopes that skiers and riders soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their snow gear, While sights of Windham [...]

Are We There Yet?!

The delayed start of this winter is certainly bringing out the 5 year old in us. Every skier and rider is seething with anxiety, talking about how they have all of their gear and equipment ready to go; they are just waiting… Every so often I catch some of my friends trying on their new [...]

Lake Louise

Well Lake Louise has come and gone. It was a completely different experience this year compared to last season. I did not show up wide-eyed and nervous. I knew what to expect and came in with a game plan. The whole time in Lake Louise I wanted to remain focused on what I needed to [...]