Getting Started is the Hardest Part

August has officially arrived and with it has come a realization that summer is drawing to a close. All of a sudden all the things that I meant to do this summer are rolling through my brain as a shockingly long list with very few checkmarks. There have been some accomplishments along the way: I have gotten to spend lots of quality time with my daughter before she starts school next month. I have achieved and maintained a tan for the majority of the summer, a testament to an ample amount of time spent in the warm sunshine. And there has been a lot of time spent with friends and family while consuming copious amounts of burgers and pasta salad – does wonders for the figure.

As I’m sure many of my fellow winter-sport lovers can agree, I have found it much easier to stay fit in the winter months when work and winter activities keep me constantly on the go. With Warrior Dash approaching, my lack of fitness has become glaringly obvious. I have never had the opportunity to run the race and had every intention of doing it this year. But as an unwavering over-achiever there is no way that I will be standing at the start gate unless I feel reasonably confident that I can conquer this mountain.

And so with the Dash in mind (and the awareness of the amount of jeering I will have to sustain from my coworkers if I don’t’ come through) I have begun to get my butt back in shape. Having finished Week 1 of training I am feeling great. Every day I am pushing myself a little harder, going from walking the entire course at the beginning of the week to running in spurts uphill and running all of the downhill.

I have always been a team sports and social exerciser so that hardest part has been getting out there alone. After my run after work last night I wondered why I had been putting this off. There are a million excuses to not do it but it really is the getting started that’s the hardest part. My hope is that by this time next week I will have hit my stride and be totally focused on the Warrior Dash and beyond.

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