It is my belief that in this over-connected, over-booked, constantly turned “on” world that many of us, either by choice or unknowingly, begin to lose touch with the basics. Every day I see articles online about how to maximize your time, or a segment on a morning show about the importance of taking a timeout to de-stress. But when all is said and done, the three minutes it takes to skim through the article or watch that segment is pretty much the only amount of time that we devote to ourselves in a given day.

Having been part of the mountain-top community for nearly 10 years now, you can really begin to see the difference between the people who take the time to enjoy themselves and those that are just squeezing everythign they can into  an-every-minute-planned day. And although I complain often about living in the only corner of the world with no cell service (can you believe a place like that even exists?!) I have made a conscious decision to capitalize on this very rare situation.

Over the weekend I convinced a few family members to go on a little run-walk with me sans electronic devices. Our roads are unpaved and “traffic” is considered two cars going by within a half a hour, which makes for a relatively safe trip by foot. We set out at about 9:00 a.m. Saturday morning and the first thing that struck me was the crispness in the air. Summer is certainly a little shorter in the mountains, but the chill caught me by surprise. As we began the treacherous incline to the top of our road (this is the mountains after all), I also began to notice that a few of the trees where highlighted by pops of gold and red; sure signs that the change of seasons is upon us.

Our path made a three mile loop away from and eventually back to our homes. We were all struck by the beautiful views and the number of houses we had driven by hundreds of times but never noticed. When we finally arrived back home, I began to wonder why it has taken me so long to go out exploring in my own town. In the end I am happy I didn’t spend that time reading out how to de-stress and instead disconnected from the over-scheduled chaos and actually took the time to take it all in.

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