Be Above & Beyond

Just two and a half hours north of New York City, Windham Mountain is a place to get lost and found again, to find stunning adventure close to home, and to be reminded of how good it feels to be alive with family and friends in the fresh air. Elevate your experience. Find your land in the sky, Above and Beyond. We’ll see you up here.

Above & Beyond

Elevate Your Experience

There’s an elevating power to the mountains. A magnetism that pulls us up out of the well-worn groove of daily life and into a higher stratum of experience. They lift us to the edge of what we know and expose us to the elements. They help us see farther, think bigger, and reconnect to ourselves, our families, our friends…and to nature’s inspiring wildness itself. Mountains offer passage to a completely different world, to a parallel universe of wind and light—an elevated reality above the norm and beyond expectation. At Windham Mountain, we live for the Above and Beyond. We’re here every day.

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