Face Your Fears!

Developed by ski-guru, Mermer Blakeslee, this program is three days of total immersion to help women face their on-mountain fears.  A huge part of becoming a better skier is letting go and allowing gravity to work its magic.  Many women shy away from doing so and limit themselves from reaching their full potential.  Designed for skiers of all levels.

If fear limits the freedom, accuracy, and strength of your body, if your muscles tighten and you no longer perform with the skills you know you have, or if you continually shrink back from trying something new… it’s time to break through. Push beyond the stifling interference of the mind an allow the body to perform at its peak, to taste the joy of uninhibited skiing.

To reserve, call 518-734-4300, ext.1120 or email snowsports@windhammountain.com

Empty HeadingFear Workshop Prices
Dates:Wednesday 1/29/20 - Friday 1/31/20
Price:$990 ($840 for Season Passholders)
Price includes:Indoor presentations, five hours of small group lessons each day, breakfast, lunch, yoga,
and a wine & cheese après ski reception.
*Space is limited to 35.
Cancellation PolicyA minimum of 30 days in advance for full refund. Cancellation 15 to 29 days prior to start date
forfeits 50% of tuition. Cancellation within 14 days of start date results in no refund.

About Mermer

Mermer Blakeslee started skiing at Windham in 1960 at the age of three and has taught skiing here since 1979. In 1996, Mermer won Skiing magazine’s Instructor of the Year Award. That spring, she successfully competed and became a member of the PSIA National Demonstration Team, an elite team which spearheads the development and direction of ski teaching in America and represents American skiing internationally (she was one of the few women and the only mother to do so).

MermerShe has lectured at PSIA’s National Academies and National Women’s Seminars, and the National Ski Patrol’s annual conventions. She has traveled throughout the country training ski instructors and for the last 24 years served as an examiner for PSIA-Eastern. She has been a coach for the Divisional Clinic Leaders, the Development Team, and the Eastern Demonstration team. Every spring in Snowbird, Utah, she leads the Women’s Adventure Camp.

Mermer has run The Fear Workshop here at Windham for 25 years and has been called “the ski industry’s fear specialist.” She has published four books, A Conversation with Fear (formerly In the Yikes! Zone) about her work with fearful skiers and three novels, the latest being When You Live by a River.

Click Here to Purchase A Conversation with Fear on Amazon Or Click Here to download the E-Read.