Windham Village Shuttle

Free Transit

Windham’s fare free shuttle system is the best way to get around town. The transit system provides easy access to village lodging, dining, skiing and snowboarding without the worries of having to drive your car.

Winter service is in effect on weekends and holidays – stay tuned for season start date! Shuttles will operate on a continuous loop. 

NEW! Download the TapRide app! 

To Install

1 – Scan the QR Code or search for TapRide on the App Store or Google Play
2 – Install the TapRide app
3 – Open TapRide
4 – You will see a list of organizations using TapRide. Scroll to the bottom and look for Windham Mountain.
5 – Select Windham Mountain.
6 – Click on Create an account

  • Enter a username.
  • Pick a password (note: for maximum internet security, never reuse passwords).
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter the security Captcha phrase.
  • Check your email to activate your account.
  • After activating your account click on the “Back to Login” button to login and use the app.

7 – For ease of use you should allow TapRide to use your location and send notifications
8 – When prompted, enter your phone number so drivers can contact you directly if needed.

To Request a Ride

1 – Open TapRide.
2 – Click on the blue “Request Ride” button.
3 – Click on the Pick-up location to see the list of available locations.
4 – Choose your location and click on “Done” to go back to the previous screen.
5 – Click on the Drop off location to select your destination.
6 – Choose your destination and click on “Done” to go back to the previous screen.
7 – Click on the CONFIRM RIDE button to confirm your details including the number of passengers.
8 – Click on the SUBMIT RIDE button to send your request to the system.
9 – Monitor the app for updates and further information.

Shuttle stops include: Alpine Village, Catskill Mountain Country Store, Chicken Run, Christman’s Windham House, Eastwind Hotel, Hotel Vienna, Jimmy O’Connors, Thompson House, Valero Country Store, Vesuvio’s, Windham Mountain Resort, The Winwood Inn & Zack’s Place.

7am – 11am (Below)

11am – 10pm (Below)

To discover area attractions, visit the Windham Chamber of
Commerce at