Land Donated for Emergency Communications Tower

Windham Mountain, Windham, NY (October 3, 2014) - Windham Mountain Resort has donated a parcel of land to Greene County where an emergency communications tower has been erected. The property at Windham Mountain Resort was determined to be the ideal location technologically, environmentally and economically for the project.

Greene County’s Emergency Services recognized a critical need for a tower with microwave facilities to ensure uninterrupted communication for first responders and 911 calls. The tower will also be the backbone for broadband transmission, providing residents and visitors in the area updated internet service.

Communication towers of this kind have unique requirements, such as highest possible elevation and vehicle accessibility; furthermore, they must comply with N.Y.S. watershed regulations – all of which the site at Windham Mountain Resort already had in place. Pre-existing infrastructure which made Windham a perfect location for the tower includes fiber optic line, copper cables and heavy duty power lines used to power the resorts’ amenities at the top of the mountain. In addition, chair lifts will allow access to the tower in emergency situations during difficult weather.

“Windham is being the Good Neighbor, their donation saved the County time and resources enabling the emergency communication we desperately need,” said Greene County Administrator, Shaun Groden. During Hurricane Irene, “Runners” were used to pass along information – an archaic system where one fire truck would drive to another to pass along emergency information, said Groden. “This is an incredible opportunity that we’ve never had before.”

The Tower, one of a projected 16, is the first to experiment with broadband transmission. Some area residents are still using dial-up internet. Chip Seamans, Windham Mountain Resort’s President and General Manager said, “Windham Mountain Resort is a four season destination catering to national and international visitors, the need for emergency transmission and connectivity is very important.”

The new tower will also benefit current employees who reside in the underserved areas as increased connectivity is important to a resort with operations that run 24-hours a day.