Tune and repair your equipment for tighter turns and smoother movement!

Windham Mountain Sports offers state-of-the-art tuning and repair work for both skis and snowboards. Our highly trained and experienced shop technicians now have a Montana Challenge tuner, which ensures precise results. The shop can provide custom tuning services to everyone from day trip skiers and riders to veteran racers.

Bring in your skis and snowboards and get them tuned by our professionals. Well-tuned equipment can make your day on the slopes unforgettable! Windham Mountain Sports is a full service shop that also offers additional services including repair work and custom mounting.

Tuning Services

Race TunePrice
Platinum: hand edge, ceramic finish, infrared wax$100
Gold: hand edge, hand wax$85
Silver: machine edge, hand wax$70
Standard TunePrice
Full Tune$60
Quick Tune (No p-tex)$45
Core Shot/Edge Repair$15+
Sharpen & Wax$40
Infrared Wax$25
Binding Adjustment/Test$24
Binding Mount/Test$45
Outside Mount (Not purchased from Mountain Sports Shop)$85
Mount with Plate$75
Tele Mount$110
Snowboard Mount$25
Snowboard Adjustment$10+parts